Curriculum - Learning at Lutheran School

Love of Learning
While our school is structured to use the New South Wales Curriculum, we do so in our own unique way. We want to be sure that the structured curriculum does not rob children of their natural love of learning. Therefore we work to encourage children to ask questions and to understand why they are undertaking the tasks we have for them at school.Teachers are encouraged to think about the big ideas that children will need in their lives and plan their teaching to be sure those ideas are what the children will be learning. The classrooms need to be places where exciting discoveries are made on each child’s learning journey.

Building Learning Power
To prosper in the learning age, our students must learn to embrace uncertainty with robust self confidence and approach the future with curiosity and optimism. Building learning power provides a clear direction for this exciting journey.

Learning and Teaching
We believe that every student is a unique individual created by God with their own special gifts, strengths and needs. In order for students to build their own positive image of themselves as learners and contributors to their communities they are provided with relevant, purposeful and appropriate learning experiences. These learning experiences are structured and presented in a variety of ways with opportunities for both success and personal challenge.

Students are encouraged to take ownership of, and contribute direction to, the learning experience. The school facilitates this learning by providing timely and purposeful feedback and learning environments which promote a positive atmosphere of trust and safe risk taking.

Features of the Primary Curriculum at Lutheran School Wagga Wagga

  • A Christian foundation that provides students with the foundation to assist in fostering their God given gifts.
  • An inquiry based approach to learning.
  • A technology rich environment that prepares students well for the electronic world they will inherit.
  • Specialist teachers in the areas of music, physical education and German.
  • Exemplary pastoral care.
  • A vibrant music education and performance program involving choir, percussion groups and recorder groups. Private music lessons are also available on site, run by the Riverina Conservatorium of Music.
  • Team sports involving year levels three to six that compete against other local and regional independent schools.