About Us - School Board

Lutheran School Wagga Wagga (LSWW) is governed by a Board of Directors.  We are a school of the Lutheran Church of Australia and as such are part of the mission and ministry of the Church to its community. Our school strives to provide excellence in education in a caring environment. 

The school was established in 1982 by the Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Wagga Wagga. The Board is directly responsible to the  Bethlehem Church Congregation for governance of the school.

The Board's duty is to ensure that the school's aims and ethos are carried out and implemented, and to determine strategic objectives and direction of the school.

A key function of the School Board is the appointment of the Principal.  The Principal is responsible for day to day operations of the school, including appointment of staff, students, programs and activities of the school.  The Principal is guided by the school’s Strategic Plan, policies and initiatives developed with the Board.

LSWW is part of a national system of Lutheran schools across Australia.  We are well supported by the national office of Lutheran Education Australia (LEA) and the regional office of Lutheran Education Victoria New South Wales Tasmania (LEVNT).

We pray for God’s continued blessings for our school community, for our Principal, teachers, staff, parents and families, and for the school facilities where students learn and grow in Christ. 

The Board of Directors are:

Voting Members:

  • Mrs Johanna Stanton (Chairperson)
  • Mr Malcolm Kohlhagen (Vice-Chairperson)
  • Mr Max Lieschke
  • Mr Graeme Wenzke
  • Mrs Michaeli Cook (P&F representative)
  • Pastor Stuart Kleinig (Bethlehem Congregation)
  • Mr Adrian Whiting
  • Mr Brian Leske

  Ex-officio Consultants:

  • Mr Peter Weier (Principal)
  • Miss Rebecca Gunia (Deputy Principal)
  • Mr David Shaw (Business Manager)