Publications - Uniform

Use this link for a full list of uniform requirements 

Our school uniform can only be purchased from Lowes, 166 Baylis Street Wagga Wagga Phone 02 69 218 099 or online at Lowes

Please do not purchase generic uniforms

School hats, bags, scarves, beanies and gloves are only available for purchase from the school office or as second hand items at the uniform shop. It is compulsory for students to wear hats during outdoor activities when the UV reading is above 3.0. Hats, backpacks, beanies, gloves and scarves can be purchased from the school office.

School Uniform Shop (second hand uniforms)
New uniform items can only be purchased at Lowes. The school Uniform Shop caters for the purchase of a range of second hand uniforms in good condition at reasonable prices. The Uniform Shop is operated voluntarily and is open by arrangement. It is located next door to the Learning Resource Centre. Please call the school office on 69238100 for further details.

We gratefully accept donations of second hand uniforms which can be left at the school office.

Lost Property
Lost property area is located in the in the administration buiilding. Please clearly label all school uniform items, including hats and bags, with name tags or laundry marker. Labelled items are promptly returned to students. Unclaimed items are cleared at the end of each term and sent to the Uniform Shop.