Bye Bye Bullying Initiative

At Lutheran School Wagga Wagga we  believe that a successful behaviour management approach is far more than a single program or product. It is an ongoing process involving every member of the school community. We aim to empower students to recognise and accept responsibility for how they choose to behave. Our focus in on expectations rather than rules, consequences rather than punishments, and problem solving rather than conflict. Our dialogue with students is characterised by expressions such as those used in Restorative Practices.

The Bye Bye Bullying initiative is a school wide program publicised throughout the school via posters, assemblies, SRC representatives and staff. This program reminds students to ‘Spot it out’ – be on the lookout for students being bullied, ‘Speak it out’ if they see someone who is being bullied, and through doing these things, know that they will be helping to ‘Stomp it out.’ These three catch phrases are taught and reminded to students in order to help prevent bullying behaviours.

Bullying is covered in our Behaviour Learning Policy, something we encourage all parents to read.  

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