Peer Support AND Buddy Program

At Lutheran School Wagga Wagga we aim to foster a safe place of positive relationships and care at the school. To achieve this, we have introduced two programs, the Buddy Program and Peer Support.

The Buddy Program (Kinder and Year 6)

Our senior students in Year 6 take on a caring role by partnering with a child in Kindergarten, building rapport and ensuring the youngest members of our student community feel safe while also:

  • developing relationships between younger and older students
  • providing support for young children and opportunities for service
  • encouraging students to develop leadership
  • undertaking activities that are well planned and relate to classroom activities

This provides an ideal opportunity for older students to assist younger students with skill development.

Peer Support Program (Kinder to Year 6)

A very well developed program, Peer Support is led by the Year 6 students in Terms 2 and 3, occurring once a fortnight and delivered to the entire school.

Prior to this in Term 1, Year 6 students undertake a two day training course to ensure they run the Peer Support sessions effectively. The Peer Support program has focus on key areas such as building friendships, resilience and bullying. The Year 6 teachers attend Peer Support Professional Development prior to running the program.

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