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4th November 2022

K2022 Transition

10th November 2022

K2022 Transition


To work under God in partnership with parents to provide an inclusive, nurturing and high quality education for every student.


Flourishing through faith, belonging and the pursuit of excellence.

From The Principal

Lutherans Reform

This past Sunday, Lutheran Christians worldwide celebrated the Reformation. The Reformation happened in the early 1500s, which was a time of change. Much of that change came with the advent of the printing press.

Martin Luther, a Catholic monk at the time, read the one Bible that available, a Bible that was written in Latin and chained down for safety. He found some inconsistencies between what the church was doing at the time and what the book of Romans stated. His 95 theses were notes of practices that needed to reform, or change.

Posting or nailing these theses to the door in Wittenberg would be the equivalent of posting something on Facebook that goes viral. Everyone who could read checked the notices and the news on the door became a huge topic of conversation.

How did the people know that Luther’s theses were true to the Bible? They didn’t. They spoke German and solitary town Bible was written in Latin. Luther worked to translate the Bible into German and used the printing press to get it out to the people. Once the Bible was made available to everyone, the Reformation began.

A short summary can be found in the video below.

A School of Reformation

Information often causes reform, or change. The more we learn about social and emotional learning, the more we understand that intrinsic motivation and solid values come through conversations, more than through rewards and punishments. As society moves from an industrial model of employment to industries that value critical thinking, creativity and collaboration, our schools reform to address those 21st Century needs.

Reformation links to Respect

One thing that never changes is God’s unconditional love for us. No matter what children do (good or bad), they are unconditionally loved by God and by you. Our care for children at school is also unconditional. God’s unconditional love was the key message that Luther found when reading the Bible for himself. It is the message that Lutheran Christians share in our churches and schools.

So why do we need to do good things? Respect. We know that actions have natural consequences. We don’t want to hurt others or make them sad. We look after each other out of respect and kindness.

While God remains the same, He created us to change. We are moulded by Him through our experiences. We believe God works through the consequences of our choices, whether good or bad.

May you be blessed through the may changes that you are experiencing in your life.

Janet Moeller

Mark your calendars

Students Return (Years 1-6)
31st January 2022

Kindergarten Students
3rd February 2022

From The DEPUTY Principal

Student Leadership 2022

Today I spent some time in Year 5 asking the students their understanding of what makes a good student leader. It was an excellent conversation with Year 5, many of whom have clearly been giving this topic some thought. Ms Moeller and I will continue this conversation with them next week before the students start to nominate and then vote for their top 6 girl and boy students. Next week, parents of Year 5 students will receive a letter from me providing more information and details about the School Captain election process. Best wishes to all students involved.

Kindergarten Transition for 2022
I have been able to spend some time over the past week with our new Kindergarten students for 2022. It is an exciting time for them and their families as they start their learning journey at Lutheran School. A special thanks to Mrs Forsyth and Mrs Macleod for their meticulous planning of this transition process. It is an important and worthwhile experience for our new Kindergarten students in 2022.

Y6 Market Stalls

Congratulations to our Team 6 students and their teachers for the success of the Market stalls that took place last Friday. Approximately $1300 was raised by the students to go towards Australian Lutheran World Service. It was great to see the T6 students engaged and working collaboratively in their teams throughout this unit of learning.

As we start to make plans for 2022, I would be grateful if you are planning on leaving the school at the end of the year, if you could let the office know as soon as possible. It will help us in our planning especially with regards to availability of school places in each grade.

Dylan Evans
Deputy Principal

Principal Appraisal - reminder

Dear Parents

A standard process in Lutheran schools is for Principals to undertake an appraisal, at regular intervals, during their appointment. The appraisal process is aimed to affirm and enhance the leadership capabilities of our Principal, Ms Janet Moeller, in the context of Lutheran education and our school in particular. It seeks to provide feedback and insights to the Principal about the quality of leadership as well as helping to determine areas for further professional growth and improvement.

Later this week, a random selection of families will receive an email containing some more details and a link to an online survey. The survey, which opens on 29 October and closes on 8 November, is also being made available to staff and Board members. Principal appraisal in Lutheran schools is a regular process in which school community members have the opportunity to give feedback on the work of the principal. We value your feedback and encourage your participation in the survey.

Yours sincerely
— Johanna Stanton (School Board Chairperson)

Curriculum Matters

NAPLAN - School Readiness Test (SRT)

Next Monday morning, students in Year Five and Year Three will undertake a ‘NAPLAN’-style exam to test our school’s technical readiness for NAPLAN Online in 2022. The tests will take place in their rooms under the supervision of their classroom teachers. 

The purpose of SRT is to support schools in transitioning to NAPLAN testing online. It is a requirement for schools that have not previously administered in online testing to participate in SRT training. The SRT assists principals to gather important information about their school’s technical readiness and the preparations they might need to be ready for NAPLAN testing online in 2022.

The tests are not marked and there is no feedback provided. As stated above, this trial is to ensure our school is prepared for the implementation of NAPLAN Online next year.


Having completed Round Two this week, we now have approximately 80 students progressing to Round Three next week. It is wonderful to see how excited the students are when the results are revealed. Well done to everyone for ‘having a go’ and contributing to their House points. In particular, congratulations to Tom and Marcellina in Year Two for making it to Round Three.

LSWW Chess Championship

Today the following students played their third and final game to determine the top four placings in Lutheran School Wagga Wagga Chess Competition.

Playing for first place:  Max and Kavin

Playing for third place:  Lance and Angus

Winners will be announced next week.

Karri von Mengersen
Curriculum Cordinator

Blank Section


Last week at OSHC we had so much fun dancing in the afternoons! We followed some ‘Just Dance’ videos on the big screen and learned some new moves. We also got the chance for some freestyle dance competitions where the children got to show off their moves and dance with their peers. We saw break dancing, ballroom dancing, hip hop and even some gymnastic-style dances! 

OSHC also spent a few afternoons in the sunshine this week. We explored fairy gardens and looked at insects in the garden. 

Another highlight from OSHC this week was the all remarkable marble tracks! Children worked together to build tracks that spanned from one side of the room almost to the other side of the room! All staff were very impressed with the children’s ability to work together and problem solve as they adapted the track to make the marbles jump from one piece of the track to another. 

 Melanie Woodbury
Acting Coordinator

Lost Property

Please check lost property in the school office for misplaced items. Unclaimed items of clothing will be donated to the school’s second hand Uniform Shop.

Please label your child’s items. This practice helps us to return your child’s clothing, etc. Thank you.


Orders are accepted via the e-form purchase request on the school app, or by phone call/text message to Tegan Peel at 

0401 665 640

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