Term 4, Week 8

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29 November

Walkathon and Sausage Sizzle

30 November

Altina Wildlife Park - Year 3

1 December

Captain Speeches
Team 6 Celebration


To work under God in partnership with parents to provide an inclusive, nurturing and high quality education for every student.


Flourishing through faith, belonging and the pursuit of excellence.

From The Principal


Earlier this year, we focused on the small, incremental improvements that lead to great gains over time. It is the time of the year where we can look back and see the amazing growth that has happened as a result of the little lessons and regular practice.

What can you do now that you couldn’t do at the beginning of the year?

This week I challenge students to look back at their literacy and maths, highlighting something that they can do now that they couldn’t do at the beginning of the year. Next week, I’ll be asking them what other skills they have learned throughout the year.

The question is also valuable for YOU. What can you do as a parent that you wouldn’t have known to do before? Have you learned to refine your questioning skills when your child is emotional? Have you learned something new at work? Something new at a museum or while camping?

In next week’s video, I’ll share some of my own learning and growth this past year as will the teachers. Please celebrate your family milestones from the year. If you want, you can prepare your child to talk on camera about some of their big milestones throughout the year (whether academic or non-academic). 

Enjoy a small ‘happy dance’ with your family as you celebrate. Share your celebration with others – we’d love to hear about them at school too!

Janet Moeller

Mark your calendars

School Captains announced
3 December 

Team 6 Graduation Service
8 December

Team 6 Activity Day/Last day of term
9 December

Pupil Free Day
10 December

From The DEPUTY Principal

Semester Two Reports - Parent Lounge

Teachers have been busy writing their end of semester reports. This term the reports will be accessed via parent lounge. Parents will need to access this by using their login and password. This should have been set up in Term Three for the Student-led conferences. If any parents have any concerns/questions about this can they please email to [email protected] Reports should be ready for accessing by 12pm on Monday 6 December.

Performing Arts Showcase (PAS)
This will take place on Friday 3 December. 

Due to Covid restrictions it will be a student only event, however it will be streamed. A link will be provided closer to the date for parents to access. Mrs Lieschke will provide times of when the performances will occur.

Student safety at pick up time
Thank you to the parents who listened to my request from last week regarding student safety in the main carpark at the end of the day. If we can ensure this practice continues and students are not crossing the road unattended, this would be very much appreciated.

Parents are required to get out of their car and come and collect their child/children.

School Captain Nominations for 2020
Congratulations to the top 6 girl and boy students who were nominated by their peers to contest for the School Captaincy. The School Captain speeches will take place on Wednesday 1 December. Again, this is a student only event and a link will be provided closer to the date.

Best wishes to the students.

As we start to make plans for 2022, I would be grateful if you are planning on leaving the school at the end of the year, that you could let the office know as soon as possible. It will help us in our planning especially with regards to availability of school places in each grade.

Dylan Evans
Deputy Principal

Curriculum Matters

Mastermind - Finals

Congratulations to the following students; Liam G, Joe S, Lacey S (Rocky Hill), Hayden E, Jessica B, Harry R, Scarlet L, Imogen L, Abigail T, Caspar F and Tasman O for making it to the final round of Mastermind 2021. Next Wednesday, these students will compete for the title of Mastermind 2021. Not only are they competing for the individual honour but also for their House and ultimately the LSWW Summit Cup. Stage Three students will attend the final in the Hall at 2pm and other year level will watch via live stream. Early next week, we will send a link for the live streaming home to families. We wish all the finalists the best and look forward to an exciting event.

LSWW One Day Chess Tournament

Earlier this year we held our second ever LSWW One Day Chess Tournament. This event has really gained traction and will be a permanent fixture on the LSWW calendar. As such, we felt a perpetual trophy was required. Please see pictures of our 2021 One Day Champion and our runner-up.

Karri von Mengersen
Curriculum Cordinator

Blank Section


School Holiday Reading

The school holidays are a time for everyone to wind down and switch off. However, research shows during school holidays students’ literacy levels can decline by as much as 20 per cent.

While play and relaxation are an important focus for students during the holiday break, encouraging them to read during this time will mean it’s easier for them to pick up where they left off when they return to school next year.

Below are some simple ideas from the AISNSW to help to stabilise the gains from the hard work throughout the year and develop children’s love of books and reading.

Tips on Holiday Reading
Summer reading
Summer is the perfect time to embed reading as a life-long habit in children. The days are long, the sun is hot, and the air-conditioned libraries and bookshops are full of enticing titles for children to expand their reading repertoire.

Be a good role model
Take time to relax and read with your children. Let them see that you make space for the joy of reading in your busy day, and so should they.

Provide access to great reading
If you aren’t sure of what titles to suggest or buy, check with your child’s teacher, the school or local librarian and, if you are lucky enough to have one, ask your local bookshop.

Make regular visits to the library, check out the local Vinnies Op Shop and the street libraries.

Bring out the books you loved as a child. Books don’t date as quickly as fashions in clothing and hairstyles. The classics never go out of style.

Share a book to double the joy
If your child is a reluctant reader, or even if they aren’t, read books together. A shared book can be as bonding as a family trip, outing or movie with very little cost outlay and no queuing.

For a family novel, read a chapter each night of a series such as Deltora Quest.

Or show a child how special they are, by reading about a special child such as Rowan of Rin.

Quarantine time for reading
To create spaces in the long empty days that only reading can fill, set a ‘reading only’ time in the last 30 minutes before lights out or establish device-free times each day or have a device-free day each week.

Increase the status of reading
Talk with your children about the books you are reading and the ones they are reading. Discuss books at mealtimes, humorous short pieces by Andy Griffiths make a tasty dessert.

Start a summer book club with parents and children, where the reading and discussion of a book is followed by a treat related to the book. Eat peaches after James and the Giant Peach, make chocolates after Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, watch the film of the book or just have water play or a bike ride after reading any book.

 • Capitalise on the value of audio books
Listening to books may not build up fluency, but it will expand children’s vocabulary, general knowledge and enjoyment of books.

In the car, especially if you are travelling to a holiday destination, listen to a reading of a classic book you can all enjoy. Audio narrators have such elaborate ways of presenting stories that they are entertaining for the whole family. Make use of the free Borrow Box app from your local library.

Show your children how even tedious chores such as room cleaning, car washing, or potato peeling are never boring when accompanied by an audio book, perhaps with headphones.

Encouraging your children to read throughout the holidays will avoid a possible summer slide in progress. Even more importantly, it will support the development of a lifelong love of books, opening your children to a world of enjoyment and knowledge.

Sam Hamilton
Learning Enhancement Teacher


Last week at OSHC we spent lots of time in the sandpit!

Over the last few weeks the children have really shown how much they love the sandpit. They have made tracks for cars and monster trucks, made sand volcanos and even made seats out of sand where they can sit with their friends. 

The children used their fine motor skills to put as much detail into their sand creations as they could and this was evident in the outcome of their works.

Another hit at OSHC last week was the OSHC tent! 

The students who were at before school care got to have a well-deserved relax in the tent.

Children also worked together to take the tent down, students who have been camping many times got to show off their skills and teach their peers how to properly take the tent down.

Melanie Woodbury

Acting Coordinator

Other Information

Lost Property

Please check lost property in the school office for misplaced items. Unclaimed items of clothing will be donated to the school’s second hand Uniform Shop.

Please label your child’s items. This practice helps us to return your child’s clothing, etc. Thank you.


Orders are accepted via the e-form purchase request on the school app, or by phone call/text message to Tegan Peel 

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