Term 4, Week 7

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22 November - 3rd December

K-2 Swimming Lessons

23 November

P&F Meeting - Romano's 7:30pm

26 November



To work under God in partnership with parents to provide an inclusive, nurturing and high quality education for every student.


Flourishing through faith, belonging and the pursuit of excellence.

From The Principal

What do we want for our graduates when they leave?

Our group of 85+ schools across Australia has been reflecting on our identity as Lutheran schools. What makes us uniquely Lutheran?

One of the themes that emerged is this: When we think of our graduates, we think beyond the academic achievements. We want our graduates to be people of integrity who seek to make a difference in our complex world.

A graduate: Dr Adil Lathif

Do you recognise the former student in the pictures? Rumour has it that he was a champion handball player while at Lutheran School!

Dr Adil Lathif started at Lutheran School in 2007 as a Year 5 student. When asked what he wanted to be when he grew up, Adil said he would be a professional athlete.

When visiting our Team 6 students this past week, he shared the following: “Over time, you will change what you love learning.” Through his time at Lutheran and Kooringal High, he discovered a love for science and a passion for helping people. He knew that he wanted to do work that was interesting to him and wondered if he would be smart enough to be a doctor. His father said, “If someone else can do it, why not you?” In the end, Adil found out that becoming a doctor isn’t all about ‘smart-ness’, it’s about having a passion for learning.

Dr Adil said that he still keeps up with some of his friends from Lutheran School, especially those who went to High School with him. This coming year, he will move to Sydney to pursue further study on his journey to become a surgeon.

Sending off Team 6

As we prepare to say farewell to our Team 6 students, we can’t help but wonder if any others will end up pursuing medicine at the UNSW Rural Clinical School. More than that, we hope that our graduates pursue their learning in fields that they are passionate about. We want them to find meaning in their work and serve their communities. This sets Lutheran School apart. We’re honoured to have families who support this vision.

Janet Moeller

Mark your calendars

Last Day of Term 4
9th December

Pupil Free Day
10th December

Students return to school (Years 1-6)
31st January 2022

Kindergarten students begin school
3rd February 2022

From The DEPUTY Principal

Afternoon pick up and student safety

This is a reminder to all parents and carers that are picking students up in the main carpark at the end of the day.

Students should not be crossing the road unattended. 

Parents are required to get out of their car and come and collect their child/children. 

I would be most grateful for your anticipated cooperation in this matter, the safety of all our students is paramount at all times.

School Captain Nominations for 2022.

This week Year 5 will nominate their top 6 girl and boy students for School Captaincy in 2022.

Ms Moeller and I spoke with the Year 5 group this week about student leadership. The nominated students will be announced later on in the week via our social media platforms.

Best wishes to all students participating in this process.

K-2 Swimming

With some Covid restrictions being eased the K-2 students will be able to participate in swimming lessons next week which is great news. Please refer to the letter from Ms Stewart to the times your child will be swimming.

Have fun students!

As we start to make plans for 2022, I would be grateful if you are planning on leaving the school at the end of the year, if you could let the office know as soon as possible. It will help us in our planning especially with regards to availability of school places in each grade.


Dylan Evans
Deputy Principal




P&F Committee

Is your family new to LSWW in 2022? Or have you been here a while but feel a bit disconnected due to COVID?

P&F is a great way to connect with the school community and requires very little time and effort – in fact it’s a pretty fun way to spend an evening a couple of times a term!

We welcome you to our next meeting – the last for 2021 and our AGM – at 7pm on 23rd November at Romanos (some will be having dinner, others drinks and some will just come for a chat).

We are keen to reinvigorate our forums with new members after COVID. We promise we won’t hand out any jobs, but we welcome fresh ideas and new perspectives from our parent body. There’s absolutely no pressure – we’re happy for people to just come and see how it runs as well!

Our meetings are inclusive, collegiate and quite frankly a nice way to spend a few hours connecting with parents from different year groups, hearing what is happening at the school and figuring out how we can help support our wonderful teachers and student body.

We hope to see you on Tuesday 23rd!


Curriculum Matters

Mastermind 2021

This week, we held Round Four of Mastermind. Our top forty is now our top twenty. The oral elimination round will be held next Monday. Congratulations to all the students who joined in and contributed to their house in the run to the LSWW Summit Cup.

How is your general knowledge?

Which of the following numbers is a ‘triangular’ number; 2, 3, 4, 5, 7?
In Thomas the Tank Engine, what colour is Percy?
An apiarist takes care of which animals?
What type of material is barium?
What is the main ingredient in biryani?
Which of the following birds is not part of a turducken? Quail, chicken, goose, turkey, duck

Karri von Mengersen
Curriculum Coordinator

Blank Section


Last week OSHC took some time to experiment with dye. This was a spontaneous idea thought up by some of the children. 

We found leaves and flowers and put them in water with dye to see what would happen. After this, the children also had the idea of putting other materials in the dye such as paper, wool and a couple of beads to see what materials would change colour and what ones would not be changed by the dye. 

To follow up on the children’s interest in this, we put a bunch of white roses in a vase with water and blue dye to show the children how the petals on the flowers would turn to blue after a few days.

Another activity that was a hit at OSHC last week was loom bands.

 The children used loom bands to make rings, necklaces, bracelets and more! This activity was one that saw the students sharing their ideas with each other and even sharing their creations making jewellery for each other.

 It was great to see such great sharing and consideration for others at OSHC this week!

Melanie Woodbury

Acting Coordinator

Other Information





Lost Property

Please check lost property in the school office for misplaced items. Unclaimed items of clothing will be donated to the school’s second hand Uniform Shop.

Please label your child’s items. This practice helps us to return your child’s clothing, etc. Thank you.


Orders are accepted via the e-form purchase request on the school app, or by phone call/text message to Tegan Peel 

0401 665 640

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