Term 2, Week 6

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Wednesday 8 June

CIS Cross Country Championships - Sydney

Saturday 4 June

Year 1 Family Dinner 5:30/6:00pm
Thirsty Crow


To work under God in partnership with parents to provide an inclusive, nurturing and high quality education for every student.


Flourishing through faith, belonging and the pursuit of excellence.

From The Principal

Courage through Grit

Is it real?

Students ask me this as I talk about the ‘worry bin’ that sits beside the door in Ms Hamblin’s office. Yes, the worry bin is real. Yes, I have used it. They can too.

Courage to flip the ‘off’ switch

Earlier this year, I asked students if thoughts affected emotion or if emotion affected thoughts. Most often, our thoughts affect our emotions.

Like us, children’s brains can ruminate on worries, affecting wellbeing by making them feel powerless. Courage is about acknowledging the worries, figuring out what we can control, and letting go of the worries we cannot control. You can see from the picture than many of our young scholars have worries – and we can support them in letting go of many of those worries.

The Bible talks about our need to be courageous in letting go of worries. In Matthew 6:26, Jesus says, “Look at the birds of the air. They do not sow or reap or store away in barns and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?” Birds do their work of building nests and finding food, but they need not worry. Our children have a Heavenly Father, earthly parents and teachers who support them in all the ways they need. They can have courage, knowing that we will partner together with them to work through their worries.

Without worry, grit emerges

In the attached video, Angela Duckworth talks about grit: passion and perseverance for very long-term goals; having stamina and sticking with your future day in and day out – for years. 

Grit is the ability to set aside worries, knowing that small ‘wins’ lead to feelings of competence that build confidence for future wins. 

Grit, the ongoing spark of courage, is the greatest predictor of success. 

We hope that you will continue to communicate with us when your children are sharing worries so that together, we can help them gather the courage to show grit in challenges they face.

Janet Moeller

Mark your calendars

School Photos
Thursday 9 June

Friday 10 June

SIRU Rugby Union Finals – Stage 2 Canberra

Friday 10 June

Winter Cocktail Party
Friday 26 August

From The DEPUTY Principal


Semester One Reports
Teachers are busy writing Semester One reports. These will be made available on Parent Lounge on Monday 27 June. If you haven’t registered for Parent Lounge or are having issues logging onto Parent Lounge, please follow these steps:

  1. click the link to Parent Lounge https://lounge.lpsww.nsw.edu.au/
  2. Use your five-digit account number available on your fees invoice as the username.
  3. If you have not set, or can’t remember your password, click the link “Forgot Password?” at the top right and follow the instructions. The email address must be, for security reasons, the one advised to the school. You will then be able to access your child’s report.

If you are still having issues please email [email protected]

School Photos
Just a reminder that School Photos will take place on Thursday 9 June. Students will need to be dressed in their full winter uniform. Shine up your shoes everyone!

Your child online – eSafety Commissioner
I have shared this resource from the eSafety commissioner before, but feel it is an excellent resource for parents. This particular link provides some practical advice for parents to support their child with online use. It includes the following topics and resources:

  • Family Tech agreement
  • Online safety basics
  • Good habits start young
  • Are they old enough?
  • The hard-to-have conversations
  • Taming the technology
  • Privacy and your child

Please take your time to have a read of the link below, I’m sure you will find it really useful in supporting your child.

Dylan Evans
Deputy Principal

LLL Passbooks

Those families that have LLL deposit books can you please send them into the office so your interest can be updated. 

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Curriculum Matters


The SpellMaster competition is well underway. This year, 216 eager spellers have taken up the challenge. The students have completed 2 rounds and as we go into Round 3, 60 orthographists will vie for a position in the Top 40. Good luck to all of the students involved.


Just a reminder Lutheran School Wagga Wagga will be participating in the ICAS competitions this year. We encourage you to consider entering your child into ICAS this year. The competition is open to students from Years 2 to 6. Information about ICAS and how to register is available via Seesaw. Learn more by visiting icasassessments.com.

TOM – Tournament of Minds

Tournament of Minds is a problem solving competition for teams of students from Years 4 to 6. Tournament of Minds provides an opportunity for students with a passion for learning and problem solving to demonstrate their skills and talents in an exciting, vibrant and public way.

Students are required to solve demanding, open-ended challenges from one of the following disciplines:

  1. The Arts
    The long term challenges will involve research before developing a creative interpretation in response to the challenge. Plenty of opportunities emerge for artistic expression in the form of dance, song, musical performance, theatre and all forms of the Visual Arts.   
  2. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)
    The combination of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics principles provides an integrated approach for students to deepen their conceptual understanding and use their creative and critical thinking skills to solve the challenges within an authentic context.
  3. Language Literature
    Language Literature Challenges involve in-depth analysis and research of texts from a variety of fields.
  4. Social Sciences
    Students journey through moral and ethical issues confronting society in the 21st Century.

Interested students attended a TOM information session last Friday and for those who were keen and interested, took home an information letter and application form.

Applications are due on Wednesday 8th June 2022.

Ms Emma Grant
Learning Innovation Coordinator

Blank Section

From The Sports Desk

Netball NSW School Cup
On Tuesday 24th May LSWW attended the Schools cup. We had a team representing Years 3-4 and a team from Years 5-6.

There were 56 teams in attendance and both LSWW teams played 6 games each. They performed extremely well.

The Years 3 and 4 team consisted of Zara Balding, Stella Daly, Ruby Macaulay, Sara Grigg,
Charlie Smith, Charlotte Hannaford, Mia Shaw, Eliza Gentle and Sass Cook. Even though this was non-competitive game, the girls were dominant in all games.

Thanks to Mrs Grigg, Mrs Gentle and Mrs Hodgson for their great advice to the girls.

The Years 5 and 6 team consisted of Poppy Gaynor, Annabel Hannaford, Pippen Cook, Tessa Stoll, Victoria Palmer, Jessica Bruce, Caitlin Oakley and Abigail Toohey. A huge thanks to Michaeli Cook for coaching these girls all day.

Years 5 and 6 played in the championship division and the girls competed brilliantly to win all their games, including the final by 10 points. They have now progressed to the Riverina Schools Cup Final later this term.

Best of luck for the finals. The girls will train regularly to improve their game play to be ready for this next round.

Nicole Wadley
Netball Coordinator

NSWPSSA AFL Championships

On Monday 23 May Logan Robbins travelled to Coffs Harbour for the NSWPSSA AFL Championships. There were 13 teams participating at this three-day event. Logan was representing CIS and competing in his first NSWPSSA AFL Championships.

The CIS team played two games on the first day of the competition. The team started extremely well, defeating South Coast 51-2 and Mackillop 53-19. The CIS team continued their impressive form on the second day, easily defeating Sydney North 57-0 and North Coast 54-0.

On the third and final day, the CIS team played Riverina in the first semi-final. This was a hotly contested game with the CIS team winning by 17 points and advancing to the Grand Final against Sydney North. The CIS boys continued their dominance over Sydney North in the Grand Final, winning 39-7 and claiming the state title.

At the conclusion of the championships the NSWPSSA AFL team was announced. To the delight of Logan he was one of the 22 players selected for this prestigious team. The NSWPSSA AFL team will travel to Adelaide for the National Championships in August. Congratulations Logan! The school community is super proud of your 2022 AFL achievements. Thank you to Hayley and Baden Bowman for transporting and supporting Logan at this event. We wish Logan all the best at the National Championships next term.

Logan Robbins – ‘My highlights were meeting new people and playing in a competitive team. It was a great experience and lots of fun.’

NSWCIS Rugby Union Trials

On Wednesday 25 May, Sam Bull and Henry Benecke travelled to Sydney for the NSWCIS Rugby Union trials. There were 130 boys from across the state trying out for 22 positions. On the first day, the boys were given the opportunity to showcase their skills in round robin games. At the conclusion of the games, 40 boys were selected to trial on the second day. Henry was one of the 40 boys selected to trial again. At the conclusion of the second trials, the NSWCIS Rugby Union team was announced. Although Sam and Henry were not selected in the final team, they enjoyed the experience, had fun and made new friends.

Sam Bull – ‘I enjoyed playing half back, tackling and running with the ball. It was a great experience.’

Henry Benecke – ‘I enjoyed playing inside centre, tackling and the games. It was lots of fun.’

Thank you to Zoe Bull and Lyndon Benecke for transporting and supporting the boys at this event.

Caroline Stewart
PE Teacher/Sports Coordinator


This week we have been working on some crafts and having conversations around Reconciliation and what it means to us and others in our community.

We have been making melt bead key chains, creating with clay, painting both rocks and hands prints.

The children have been sharing with us some fun facts about themselves after some physical activities in the chapel. The new magnetic marble run construction table has been very popular as the children challenge themselves to build a strong and active track.

BASC Vouchers

Parents, we are now ready to accept your before and after school care vouchers. If you have any questions about the vouchers please feel free to call 69238124 or email us at [email protected].

Vacation Care

The Autumn vacation care program is also now available. We have some amazing activities planned including bike riding out at Pomingalarna cycle track, a visit to ‘Ten Tops’ Shopping, a Lego day and so much more.

Please pop into OSHC to get a copy of the program or email us at [email protected].

We look forward to another wonderful week.

Rebecca Cameron
OSHC Coordinator

Other Information

Families leaving the school

Please note that one full term’s written notice is required if you are withdrawing your child from Lutheran School.  We purchase learning materials based on projected enrolment numbers at least one term in advance.  Hence, the enrolment contract you signed specifies that failure to provide a term’s notice will result in you being charged for the subsequent term.

Uniform Shop Orders

If you would like to purchase uniforms from the Uniform Shop, please email [email protected]

We will email you once the order is ready to be picked up from the office.  Thank you.


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