Term 2, Week 8

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Friday 16 June

Tournament of Minds auditions

Friday 16 June


Saturday 18 June

Year 2 Mum's dinner - Birdhouse 7:15pm


To work under God in partnership with parents to provide an inclusive, nurturing and high quality education for every student.


Flourishing through faith, belonging and the pursuit of excellence.

From The Principal

Explicitly teaching social and emotional skills

We had some great presentations on Tuesday night for Parent Information Night and for the P&F meeting. 

Social and Emotional Skills in Social Circles

Many thanks to Mr Evans for presenting to parents our focus on the explicit teaching of Social and Emotional Skills. Those present saw examples of how Social Circles are used in the classroom as a teaching tool for how we work together as a Community of Learners. They also got to experience a Circle for themselves. The three agreements for classroom circles can be used for conversations at home:

  1. Listen respectfully
  2. No put-downs (or pulling faces)
  3. You have a right to pass and not share

These same guidelines can be used at home to facilitate home conversations and agreements. See if this interaction sounds familiar:

You: How was your day?
Child: Fine
You: What did you do?
Child: Nothing

When you have some time together at home, consider having a “Home Circle” time. Your children will know the rules. Not sure what to ask? Here are 150 questions that can get the conversation started. At school, we are continually in awe of the insightful things our young scholars share. I suspect you will be too.

The Dog Squad

Sophia, Atticus and Eloise from the Year 5 Dog Squad presented to the P&F all their research into the process of introducing a Wellbeing Dog. They then fielded questions from parents about how the dog would be cared for. One parent volunteered to help the students take the next step of developing a Risk Assessment.

The group of young scholars pointed to research on how a Wellbeing Dog can reduce the anxiety of children. They pointed out that the dog would need training – and so will all the students. Members of the group will present to the School Board on 30 June.

There are still many questions to be answered before they get the final “go ahead”. The biggest questions revolve around the person who will be the dog handler.

The group continues to work with Dogs Connect and is seeking advice from AISNSW as well as other schools who have introduced a Wellbeing Dog. Many thanks to the Dog Squad for their courage and persistence in this important project and to Ms Hamblin for helping them through the process.

Initial designs for the K-2 Playground

Those who visited the Family Fun Day in Term 1 got a first look at our Master Facilities Plan. We are beginning Stage 1 of that plan, which is the redevelopment of the K-2 Playground Area. Below are some initial designs from the Landscape Architect. They were presented at the P&F meeting for feedback.

The two areas in the drawings are in front of the Kindergarten building and on the slope behind the Years 1 and 2 classrooms.

Should you have additional feedback, please email it to [email protected]. We hope that construction can begin over the Christmas holiday.

Janet Moeller

Mark your calendars

Monday 20 June

Spell Master oral round
Monday 20 June

Mufti Day
Thursday 23 June

School Photos (catch-up)
Friday 24 June

From The DEPUTY Principal

 School Assembly

Just a reminder that there will be a school assembly this Monday 20 June at 9:10am in the hall. Parents are most welcome to attend. Please follow our COVID-19 protocols and enter through the rear doors of the hall, apply hand sanitiser and socially distance with your seating.

Brumbies Rugby Union Gala day
Last Friday 10 June the Years 3-4 rugby squad travelled to the University of Canberra with their parents to compete in the second round of the Rugby Union competition. The boys performed so well, reaching the Grand Final against St Gregory’s of Campbelltown. They lost the final but had a great day. They are to be congratulated on the manner in which they played all of their games throughout the whole day. They were a credit to the school. Well done boys!

Mortimer Shield Gala day

This Friday 17 June students from Years 5 and 6 will take part in the Rugby League and League Tag competition at Paramore Park. Parents are most welcome to attend the events and support the students. Best wishes to all students competing.

Mufti Day
The SRC have met and decided our mufti day will be on Thursday 23 June. Our mufti theme will be to dress as your favourite sports person. The students have decided to raise money for the Mission Australia which is a Christian-based charity. Mission Australia’s integrated nationwide services help people find safe and affordable housing, support disadvantaged children and families, empower troubled young people, assist people with mental illness and disability, and much more. For more information, see

Makeup photo day
MSP Photography have been in touch and they will be at the school on Friday 24 June at 9am to do a make-up hour for students that were away on the day of the photos. All students should be dressed in full winter uniform for their photo.

COVID-19 and Flu-like symptoms
We are currently experiencing a large number of students who have COVID or the flu. If your child is experiencing COVID or flu-like symptoms please do not send your child to school. Your continued cooperation with this is appreciated.

Social Circles presentation to parents
This week I presented an information session to parents on the use of Circles at the school to support Social and Emotional learning. If you wish to view the presentation, you can copy the link below and paste it into your browser: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1dk0ukZaA6anfaDUe5t4S1UDoSe49-FK8/edit?usp=sharing&ouid=111938350829868357099&rtpof=true&sd=true

Semester One Reports
Teachers are busy writing Semester One reports. These will be made available on Parent Lounge on Monday 27 June. If you haven’t registered for Parent Lounge please have a look at the information and link below to assist in this process. If you are still have difficulty with this please contact Mrs Verus in the office for further help.

  • Click on https://lounge.lpsww.nsw.edu.au/ (may need to copy and paste into a browser)
  • Use your five-digit account number available on your fees invoice as the user name.
  • If you have not set, or can’t remember your password, click the link “Forgot Password?” at the top right and follow the instructions. The email address must be, for security reasons, the one advised to the school.
  • You will then be able to access your child’s report.

If you are still having issues please email [email protected]

Dylan Evans
Deputy Principal

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Curriculum Matters

Tournament of Minds (TOM)

This year’s entries for TOM 2022 were creative, innovative and original. The next step is for those successful students to partake in an audition which will include a spontaneous challenge as well as challenges that require students to work as part of a group. This is taking place on Thursday, 16 June. As the focus of TOM is about fostering a team spirit and working together to solve problems in the areas of STEM, Language Literature, Social Sciences and The Arts, the 14 successful students will demonstrate skills and ability in these areas.

Here are some responses to the 2022 TOM nomination challenge.

Your challenge
In Nepal many farmers living on a mountainside grow fruit and vegetables, including tomatoes. To earn a living they need to sell these at the local market. The problem is getting to market involves a long, dangerous walk down the mountainside and over a river, at the end of which the tomatoes may well be a bit squashed.

The Challenge: Design a way of moving tomatoes that won’t squash them! The diagram should be clear, with precise labelling of the components. Also include a summary of your ‘design’ process – how did you come up with your device?



Round 4 of SpellMaster took place on Tuesday 14 June. The TOP 20 spellers have been identified and will be tested next Monday in the Oral Round. This is where the competition starts to become really difficult. Good luck to the Final 20.

The SpellMaster final is to be held on Friday the 1st of July.

Emma Grant
Learning Innovation Coordinator

Blank Section

From The Sports Desk

NSW CIS Cross Country Championships
On Thursday 8 June our Cross Country team travelled to Eastern Creek (Sydney) for the NSWCIS Cross Country Championships. There were over 700 students from 265 Combined Independent Schools (CIS) participating at this event. Our students performed very well, with many achieving personal best (PB) placings and times. Our highest placed competitors were Sam Bull and Max Pilkington. Sam placed 17th in the 12/13 Years Boys 3km race and Max placed 20th in the 11 Years Boys 3km race.

My highlight was competing on a new course and running my best time and place’ Sam Bull.

Everyone had a great day, tried their best and performed very well’ Max Pilkington.

All students are to be congratulated on their 2022 Cross Country achievements. Thank you to our parents for supporting our students and assisting on the day.

NSW CIS Cross Country Championships

Charlie Forsyth 8/9 Boys 2km 31st 8:35.30
Tom Bull 8/9 Boys 2km 39th 8:38.90
Eli Poole 8/9 Boys 2km 90th 9:18.00
Isabelle Rodney 8/9 Girls 2km 32nd 9:30.00
Ella Labens 8/9 Girls 2km 36th 9:30.60
Amelia Gooden 8/9 Girls 2km 84th 10:16.20
Riley Goldsworthy 10 Boys 2km 60th 8:38.30
Max Pilkington 11 Boys 3km 20th 12:16.00
Nathan Earl 11 Boys 3km 39th 12.38.70
Ben Bull 11 Boys 3km 84th 13:42.50
Maisie Hughes 11 Girls 3km 66th 15:05.80
Chloe Lieschke 11 Girls 3km 74th 15:28.00
Sam Bull 12/13 Boys 3km 17th 11:42.80
Jack Molineux 12/13 Boys 3km 40th 12:21.60
Alice Ditchfield 12/13 Girls 3km 40th 13:51.10
Poppy Gaynor 12/13 Girls 3km 90th 16:13.90

Caroline Stewart

PE Teacher/Sports Coordinator


This week at OSHC we talked about what super power each child would want and why.

Each child got the opportunity to share their thoughts with the rest of the group. We had answers such as “I want to be able to control ice so that I can make slushies”, “I want to be able to run really fast so that I’m faster than dad” and “I want to be able to jump really high so that I can touch the fluffy clouds”.

This week the children also had lots of fun making chatterboxes and playing them with their friends.

This week the children also showed off their creativity as they made and decorated cards and colouring-ins.

BASC Vouchers

We are ready to accept your before and after school care vouchers. If you have any questions about the vouchers please feel free to call 69238124 or email us at [email protected]

Other Information

Families leaving the school

Please note that one full term’s written notice is required if you are withdrawing your child from Lutheran School. We purchase learning materials based on projected enrolment numbers at least one term in advance. Hence, the enrolment contract you signed specifies that failure to provide a term’s notice will result in you being charged for the subsequent term.

Uniform Shop Orders

If you would like to purchase uniforms from the Uniform Shop, please email [email protected]

We will email you once the order is ready to be picked up from the office.  Thank you.


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