Worship Program


Each Monday our students join in our school chapel services. These services focus on one of our eleven value words each term – love, courage, appreciation, quality, service, respect, forgiveness, compassion, hope, humility and justice. Throughout the term the students learn from Bible based teaching how these values apply today and how they are put into practice both in school and at home. Over a three year cycle the students learn about each of our values.

Although different from week to week, a typical chapel service will usually include several songs, a values based message delivered via a variety of mediums, Bible verses, prayer and a blessing, all within a well prepared 20 minute time slot.


On days when we do not have Chapel, our class teachers will involve their students in a class  devotions each morning. Class devotions will vary in format from teacher to teacher, but play an integral part in class life providing opportunity to reflect on the goodness of God. Devotions are age appropriate and may involve reading or viewing a Bible story or verses, singing and praying, and are always an encouragement to our students.


Staff begin the day together around God’s word in a staff devotion. This is a special time where staff come together to share, celebrate and pray about the joys and challenges of community life. Staff devotions may involve reading a Bible verse or story, viewing a video, reflection, praying and sharing. Though we are a Lutheran school, we value the variety of Christian traditions present in our staff and enjoy the diversity of expression shared during our devotion times.


Throughout the course of the school year, each year group will participate in a Sunday worship service at Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Wagga Wagga. Students will participate in these services via a variety of possible activities such as Bible readings, songs, drama and prayers. These services are valuable opportunities for students and their families to experience community worship and engage with our founding church.

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