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Strategic Plan

Picture a group of rowers in a boat. Boats that move best are the ones know their directions, are rowing in unison and are not afraid of taking on weather and water conditions. Our Mission and Vision set clarity of direction. For us, they are not words on a page. We use them as a compass to make sure we are headed in a clear direction.

Our Strategic Plan was formed in 2021. Staff, parents and students identified gaps in what we were doing and who we want to be as an organisation. Our Strategic Plan helps us work in unison, supporting and encouraging one another to align our actions with our core beliefs.

Please see below the details of our current Strategic Plan. This document is also available for download.

Our Strategic Plan has allowed us to weather the storms of COVID and other challenges. We continue to set annual goals that keep us energised for the future.


For details on how this plan is going forward in 2022, please click on the articles below.

Strategy 1: Grow together as a community of learners

Strategy 2: Nurture an environment focused on the wellbeing of students, staff and families

Strategy 3: Engage with global and local communities

Strategy 4: Establish a Master Facilities Plan

Strategy 5: Grow as a faith community

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