Enrolment Process

We are excited for you to become a part of our Lutheran School community. Please apply early to avoid disappointment, especially if your child will enter Kindergarten in 2023.

Our school provides Christian education to all applicants, regardless of ethnic origin, gender, religion, financial status or disability providing that:

  • Through enrolment procedures parents/guardians seeking enrolment for their children undertake to support willingly and freely the stated policies, purposes, aims and methods of Lutheran School Wagga Wagga


  • Adequate space and resources are available. The school will maintain a waiting list to assist in the prioritising of students for vacancies.

Interviews for available places are given priority according to the criteria below:

  1. Students who are siblings of existing students and who have no outstanding fees
  2. Students who are members of a Lutheran Congregation
  3. Children of currently employed staff
  4. Students of alumni of Lutheran School Wagga Wagga
  5. Students who are transferring from other Lutheran schools
  6. Students according to the date of application

Applications for Kindergarten

When an application is completed, you will receive an email acknowledging the receipt of that application.

Age requirement

Proof of age must be presented with the enrolment application. Children must turn five years of age by 31 March of the year in which they start school. 
We understand that many children with later birthdays may already know their numbers and letters. They may even be able to read. School readiness is measured in five domains:
  • Physical health and wellbeing 
  • Social competence 
  • Emotional maturity 
  • Language and cognitive skills and 
  • Communication skills and general knowledge.
Our philosophy is that student wellbeing comes first. Hence, students’ social competence, emotional maturity and communication skills are as important as their academic readiness. Research suggests that student wellbeing both in Kindergarten and beyond is better in students who begin at older ages. 
Interviews with incoming Kindergarten students and their families begin in March of the year preceding the year of intended enrolment. The child should be present with the parents. The purpose is to get to know one another. We will learn about you and your child. You will learn about our philosophy and approach to teaching and learning. Our commitment to partnering together begins with this first honest conversation.
Applications close
Our first round of application close 1 May. Interviews continue through May and Enrolment Offers are made to families in early June. If places remain available, a second round of interviews will commence and places will be offered until they are filled.
Review of important dates:
Now                           Complete the Enrolment Form. It is never too early to apply
March – May           First round of interviews for Kindergarten 2023
June                          First round Enrolment Offers are sent to families
July – Dec                If openings remain, further interviews and Enrolment Offers will be made

Applications for other year levels

Applications for Years 1-6 are accepted at any time. Students must enrol for the correct year level based on the 31 March yearly cut-off date (see Kindergarten application).

Parents must provide copies of the school reports, NAPLAN reports and any other relevant information, including reports from specialists as applicable prior to the interview with the principal. Failure to disclose important information about your child’s needs could result in an Offer of Enrolment being revoked.

Following the Principal Interview, please allow at least a week for your child to begin in the classroom.

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