Parents and Friends COMMITTEE

Lutheran School Wagga Wagga is fortunate to have a wonderful network of parent and community supporters throughout the school. Parents of LSWW are the parent community body for the school.

The aims of the Parents and Friends Committee shall be (as listed in the Constitution – Bylaws and in keeping with the Christ-centred nature of the school).

To foster close relationships between the school and home by:

  1. assisting parents grow in their understanding of Lutheran and general education philosophy and practice;
  2. assisting school families to function effectively as the primary agencies of Christian education;
  3. providing opportunities for fellowship and social activities for the school community;
  4. providing a voice for parents;
  5. receiving updates from the Principal about what is happening at the School; and
  6. supporting the school through limited fundraising activities on behalf of the school under the auspices of the School Board.

The Parents and Friends Committee meets on Tuesdays of the second and eighth weeks of each term. Besides regular business, the Parents and Friends Committee invite guest speakers, organise fundraising activities and plan social activities for our school community. We encourage all parents to get involved.

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